Moth and Odor Removal of Fine Rugs and Rug Repair Bellingham
Rug Repairs

In addition to Rug Cleaning, we offer full service repair and weaving through a Master Weaver. Fringe, surging and binding is also available through a specialist who knows and understands how to preserve the beauty of your investment. We currently contract this service out to a specialty facility in Seattle.

Fiber Protection with One Year Spill Protection Plan  

An advanced Fiber Protector made for fine wool rugs will extend the useful life of your rug. These products optimize your vacuum’s efficiency, help prevent spills from becoming stains, and make future cleanings more effective. When we apply this product to your fine rug, we provide a one year protection plan. What does this Protection Plan mean to you?  For one year from the date of cleaning, we will attempt to remove any spill from your rug- at no cost to you. 

Moth Removal  

Our environmentally friendly moth removal service will rid your rug of moths and larvae. Moth proofing is critical for rugs with little traffic, or rugs that are to be stored. Moths tend to lay larvae in darker areas with less traffic. 

Anti-Allergen Treatment  

A unique remedial product containing powerful, yet non toxic natural ingredients formulated to de-nature dust mite and feline allergen. This treatment works really well for those allergic to dust mites.  

Odor Control  

Mustiness or minor odor problems can be minimized during cleaning; however, cleaning alone will not remove extreme odors such as pet urine. Rugs saturated with pet urine require a total Submersion Process, combined with an odor eliminator enzyme. Other than an odor issue, urine left in the fibers attracts moths. Urine highly increases the probabilities of dye bleed, and could ruin your fine rug.  

Rug pad should be used regardless the value of your rug
  • Reduces the risks of fall and injury
  • Increases the life of your rug by preserving the rugs foundation
  • Reduces noise levels
  • Provides a cushion for comfort
  • Smoothes out irregularities of rugs

  • Wall to wall carpet cleaning.
  • Upholstery cleaning.
  • Tile and Grout cleaning. 

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